Thursday, September 4, 2008

Newsletters-The News in Marketing

In her article titled "Find a Job you Love, and You'll Never Work Another Day in Your Life" on the Writers in the Sky blog, Taryn Simpson writes about the growing popularity of Newsletters. I couldn't agree more. It seems everyone is into newsletters these days, including Susan Johnston over at The Urban Muse.

I'm on the Marketing Committee at my children's school with several people who happen to have areas of expertise in marketing and technology, and our efforts this new school year have been nearly entirely technology focused. We have several tech gurus on the committee who understand how to make things happen. Then there are people like me who know the value of the internet as a marketing tool for small businesses and big businesses alike. It is turning out to be an amazing combination.

Madison Campus Elementary is a small private school struggling to improve its enrollment and share with its community its standards for academic excellence. Our efforts this year are leading us places MCE has never been, such as blogging and newsletters. Once we build our subscriber base and have a database for contacting alumni and interested parties, we'll then be able to use that same core of contacts for areas like endowment. This is one committee I'm actually thrilled to be a part of!

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